Our Book Rating System

General = this book is something anyone can read (The Four Last Things)

Intermediate = for people interested in a lot of good information, this is it. Fairly intellectually challenging. (Open Letter to Confused Catholics, Liberalism is a Sin)

Challenging = this is for someone who is very interested about specialized affairs in the Church. Quite difficult intellectually, and requires foreknowledge or familiarity with other fields or terms. (Iota Unum, In the Murky Waters of Vatican II)

Advanced = not recommended for those who do not possess basic training in philosophy or theology, or canon law (Suarez, Cajetan, most Papal Bulls or Briefs)

Religious = religiously themed, worth a read (Lord of the World)

Science Fiction Yes = science fiction, worth a read (A Canticle for Liebowitz)

Science Fiction No = science fiction, not worth a read (Stranger in a Strange Land)

Secular Yes = non-religious, secular book, worth a read (The World is Flat)

Secular No = non-religious, secular book, not worth your time (anything by Sean Hannity)

Banned = a book that was banned by the Church under the Index of Prohibited Books, should not be read without grave reservations or reasons, and should include the consultation of a priest

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